Tuck Mounted Sweeper Runway RSR 6000 Regenerative

Tuck Mounted Sweeper Runway  RSR 6000 Regenerative
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Auxiliary Engine Gutter Brooms
Manufacturer Cummins Type Trailing Arm Design
Model QSB 4.5 Drive Hydraulic drive variable speed
Displacement 4500 cc Adjustment Adjustable for Down variable speed
Horsepower 128hp@2000RPM Lifting Hydraulic
Net Toque 546Nm@1400RPM Down pressure Pneumatic
Air Cleaner Dual Element with Restriction Indicator Flexibility All Direction
Oil Filter Spin On, Full Flow Diameter/Material 1000 mm, Steel or PP
Safety shutdown Cooking water temperature and Engine Oil
Tilt Adjustment Electric-in-cab
Blower Fan Hydraulic System
Type Centrifugal Drive Gear-pump
Construction High Tensile Structural Pump Type Dual Output/Fixed Displacement
Bearings 2 Sealer Bearings Reservoir 70 Litres (18.5 Gallons)
shaft 50mm Diameter Filtration 10micron Spin-on
Housing Modular with Replaceable Liner Pressure 150kg/sq cm (2176PSI)
Drive 5-V Belt
Certification 20,000 CFM by Fan Flow Calculation
Dual Control
Pump Two Diaphragm Pump
Sweeper Body Capacity 1000 Litres (264 Gallons)
Hopper Heavy Gauge AISI 304 Stainless Steel Filter 80 mesh
Construction Welded Stainless Steel Spray Bar Under the Chassis
Usable Capacity 5.6 cubic meters
Dumping Methods Rear Door Dump Spray Nozzles
Dump Angle 52 deg Pick Up Head 4 Inside
Dump Door 1800mm Self Locking Hyd Fingers Gutter Brooms 2 Each
Dump Height 1100mm Hopper 5 on screen
Hopper Screen 18,280 sq.cm (2800 sq inches) Hopper Inlet 2 orifices in Transition Opening
Inspection Doors One each side of Hopper Suction Hose Inside
Sweeper Head Gauges In Cab
Type Broom in head with down pressure Shutdown System 2 point System (LLOP, Coolant temp)
Air Blast Integral to head on left side
Function Dual Chamber Full Width Blast Orifice Steering
Dimensions 2400mm * 1160mm Steering Single
Head Area 30,300 sq cm (3140 Square Inches)
Broom Size 300mm * 1650mm (polypropylene) Sweeping Width
Blast Orifice High Speed located in Head Pick Up Head Only 2250 mm(88.5”)
Suspension Adjustable spring with drag link With 1 Gutter Broom 2775 mm(109’”)
Suction Hose 250mm Diameter With 2 Gutter Brooms 3600(141.5)
Pressure Hose 350mm Diameter
Pressure Bleeder Electric Acatour Controlled Instrumentation
Safety Position Sweep Head & Side Broom during reverse Sweeper Engine
Raise & Lower Hydraulic Cylinder
Steel 3mm (11 gauge) for Walls and Floor
Volumetric Capacity 6 cubic meters (7.8 Cubic Yards)
Low water Shut Off Indication and buzzer in cab
Techometer, Hourmeter, Voltmeter,
Temperature gauge, Oil pressure Gauge

Overall Dimensions : Height : 3090mm ● Width : 2400mm ● Empty Weight : 8165 Kgs(18,000lbs) ● Length : 6780mm.
Note:Overall Dimension will be very according to the Truck Models.
Options : CCTV Cameras (Rear,Left & Right), Reverse Beep, Rear Directional Arrow Bars, Wander hose dia 200mm, Length
3000mm, High Pressure gun and hose, Magnet bar length 2000mm, Beacon light.

  • Tuck Mounted Sweeper Runway  RSR 6000 Regenerative
  • Tuck Mounted Sweeper Runway  RSR 6000 Regenerative