Road Sweeper RONKING RG-8240

Road Sweeper RONKING RG-8240
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Main technical parameters of RG-8240 multi-function road sweeper

1 Size Parameter
Dimensions:     (including brush) 4285×1400×2040mm  
Without brush, without warning light:     4070×1240×1880(Length × Width × Height)
Wheelbase front/rear:     920mm
Wheelbase:     2040mm
Minimum ground clearance :     200mm
Maximum cleaning width:     2400mm
Bin capacity:     1.5m³

2 Quality Parameters
Curb weight:     2370kg
Front axle no-load load:     1320kg
Rear axle no-load load:     1050kg
Maximum gross mass:     3100kg

3 Performance Parameters
Maximum cleaning width:     2.4m
Working speed:     8-12Km/h
Maximum travel speed:     26km/h
Maximum cleaning capacity:     28800m²/h
Cleaning efficiency:     96%
Working environment temperature :     -2~50℃ (using deicing agent or dry cleaning -25~50℃)
Rated Crew:     2 people
Continuous working time:     12H
Minimum turning diameter (the outermost side of the car body):     6900mm
Maximum gradeability:     20%
Clean water tank capacity :     300L
Fuel Tank Capacity:     68 L
Operating fuel consumption:     3.2L/H
Noise from sweepers  :
                  ≤78dB (A) driver’s ear
                  ≤70dB (A) at 7.5 meters

4 Driving Parameters
Drive form      : hydraulic four-wheel drive
Tire Model      :195/75R16
Number of tires      : 4
Tire pressure      : 0.46MPa
Wheel nut torque: 124~165Nm

5 Engine Parameters
Brand          : Perkins Perkins (four cylinder)
Engine Model    : 404D-22
Engine displacement    : 2.216L     
Rated power/speed: 35.7kW/2600rpm
Engine working speed: 1600rpm
Fuel type      : 0# light diesel oil
Standard: EU Standard EC Stage ⅢA

6 Steering System
Steering Form      : Articulated Body Steering
Steering Gear Type    : Full Hydraulic Steering Gear
Steering mechanism form  : The front and rear frames are articulated and connected to the steering cylinder to push

7 Hydraulic System
Hydraulic oil grade : Texaco Rando HDZ 46
Hydraulic Fluid Cleanliness  : NAS9
Hydraulic tank capacity  : 60L

8 Electrical Systems
Composition          : road sweeper driving system circuit and control system circuit
System Voltage      : 12V
Battery capacity    : 80AH 

9 Cleaning System
Form          : Two disc-shaped brushes are symmetrically arranged in front of the machine
Brush disc diameter      : 850mm
Each group contains 14 steel wires and 12 nylon brush wires, each with a length of 630; 30 groups per circle

10 Suction System
Straw length      :4200mm  
Straw Inner Diameter      :180mm  

11 High-pressure Water Gun (standard configuration)
Maximum water pressure     : 140bar
Flow rate           : 8.3L/min

12 Hose Reels (standard configuration)
Hose Length        : 10m

13 Snow Pusher (optional)
Height mm        : 780
Width mm        : 1350-1650   
Left turn angle       : 70°
Right turn angle       : 70°

14 Snow Brushes (optional)
Width mm      : 1100  
Diameter mm      : 565
Left turn angle     : 56°
Right turn angle     : 56°
Speed r/min    :280

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